Hey friends!

Singular Sensation is a weekly blog dedicated to spreading a love for the beautiful art that is theatre. Specifically, theatre history or forgotten pieces of theatre. Let's be real, if you've ever heard of theatre you've probably memorized Wicked, and are long since tired of The Phantom of the Opera, but what about The Scarlet Pimpernel musical, or Rags?

Similarly, everyone and their mother has seen the popular Tony performance videos that the lovely YouTube has to offer, but what about those little gems like that of a teenaged Kristen Bell singing a song from the forgotten musical version of Tom Sawyer? Furthermore, it is also a goal of mine to shine a spotlight on the lesser-known brilliant performers, because let's be real, we can probably count the popular Broadway actors on two hands, but there are so many more talented individuals out there.

So if you're a fan of Disney/Broadway/Musicals/Audra McDonald, then you've come to the right place. And I think you're my new best friend. YAY always wanted one of those!!

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