Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Favorites from the Day: Big Fish, Glee, and More!

Today was another one of those awesome days when I had found a lot of fun stuff to post, so for the first couple hours I was basically just posting videos, or as we call them at BroadwayWorld, "StageTube" features. And usually when I love what I'm posting, so do the people at BWW.com, so two of my articles made it onto the BWW Facebook and Twitter! (Yes, I'm really excited about this)

So the videos I found were an interview with Big Fish stars Norbert Leo Butz and Kate Baldwin, Young Hollywood interviews with some of the newer Glee cast members, Becca Tobin and Jacob Artist, and even a couple behind-the-scenes recording studio videos/interviews with the cast from the Off-Broadway production of The Last Five Years. Take a look at all of it below...

STAGE TUBE: Norbert Leo Butz, Kate Baldwin, & Susan Stroman Talk BIG FISH Rehearsals
As I have mentioned before on Singular Sensation, Norbert Leo Butz is one of my favorites. And this is a little random, but as much as I loved him in Catch Me if You Can, it's great to see him clean-shaven without the molestache and looking more like himself. But looks aside, check out this interview where Butz, Baldwin, and the director/choreographer of Big Fish talk about the heart of the show and where they are in rehearsals right now. (this one got on the Facebook page and Twitter)

"Stars of Second Stage Theatre's The Last Five Years, Betsy Wolfe and Adam Kantor, recently recorded the cast album for their production and then sat down to talk about it. Watch Kantor perform "Shiksa Goddess," then Wolfe joins him in a portion of "Goodbye Until Tomorrow/I Could Never Rescue You" with composer Jason Robert Brown accompanying them on the piano"(BWW.com) (This one also got onto the BroadwayWorld Twitter)

Becca Tobin, who is basically the new Dianna Agron of Glee, talked to Young Hollywood about her career. Observe how she's sitting: she's clearly a dancer. This girl has some great stuff to share about being on the show, which is her TV debut! She's also been on Broadway, of course.

Another Glee newbie, you could say Jacob Artist is the new Puck of Glee. I mean, no one can beat the adorable Mark Salling, but this kid does play his younger brother. Watch this interview where he talks about the Glee family, which characters he likes best, what songs he wants to record, and more!

Favorites from the Day articles are ones that I personally edit/write on BroadwayWorld.com

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Listen to Norbert Leo Butz Sing New BIG FISH Songs!

They had me at Norbert Leo Butz. As I mentioned in an earlier Singular Sensation article, the 2-time Tony Award-Winner is starring on Broadway in the new musical adaptation of the movie Big Fish, slated to hit Broadway in October. It was a weird, but pretty good movie (fun fact: Miley Cyrus was a bit part in that before she was famous and changed her name! Look in the credits and you'll see the name "Destiny Cyrus"), which seems conducive to a Broadway stage.

Listen to Butz sing "Fight the Dragons" and Baldwin joins him for "Time Stops."

Will it succeed? I honestly doubt it. I predict a brilliant spectacle, great actors, good music, but not enough plot to hold it up for more than a year-long run. Another reason to doubt the success of this show is that Butz has a long track record of starring in musicals that tanked (Read and watch videos about that in the Singular Sensation birthday article about him!). However, I am of course happy to see that the greatest actor of the 21st century is in another show!

Visit www.bigfishthemusical.com for more information!

Monday, March 18, 2013

What's Wrong with Smash Season 2?

Smash on NBC
I hinted at this in the pictorial post about this week's episode of Smash (missed the post? Check out the pictures on Singular Sensation!), but as many have noticed, NBC's musical drama Smash is going under fast.

Last season treaded on thin ice, with the viewership helped heavily by the fact that Smash came on right after NBC's The Voice. So to boost ratings this season without The Voice, the Smash folks changed their tactics to make it improve. To do this, they had to take quite a few chances, but whatever changes they did have yet to work.

  • Taking out Brian d'Arcy James (Frank)- I've mentioned before that I didn't love this choice... Then again, I understand that this topic was exhausted, and they couldn't keep throwing marital drama around every minute. But [SPOILER] having him basically cheat on Julia was ridiculously out of character and was not a classy way to get rid of Frank.
  • Adding Jennifer Hudson- Smash star Katharine McPhee got her start on American Idol, so I'm sure that in casting Jennifer Hudson, the thought was to bring in more Idol fans. And let's face it, they wanted a famous person to draw audiences,but I wish they would at the very least bring in actors so that their featured episodes aren't just an excuse for almost-has-beens to have a concert on national television.
  • Adding Jeremy Jordan- I approve of bringing in the recent Bonnie and Clyde and Newsies actor, because I think pulling Broadway actors into the limelight is extremely important. I don't love his character or anything about that whole side plot. I just find I don't care.
  • ...and his friend
  • ...and their scrappy, yet literally overnight success of a musical
  • Karen's ridiculously big head- all of a sudden she's everyone's favorite Broadway chorus girl. Literally. She has the most ridiculous connections, and let's keep in mind: she hasn't even been on Broadway yet!
  • In a nutshell- It's gotten even more contrived than last season, which was definitely on the edge. Although, I'll admit that it's still not as random as last season's Bollywood number "A Thousand and One Nights" (which everyone who's seen it is secretly obsessed with, even though it made no sense whatsoever). Also a lot of characters seem oddly depressed or at odds with each other for no reason.
Besides all of these specific things, the general tone has been changed. It seems like the love and joy from the show is gone, and I can't quite put my finger on exactly what makes it a little lackluster.

Sometimes, I feel like reminding the writers that this is only the beginning of the season. And it's only the second season anyway! To save the show, I think they are trying to throw in as many plot surprises and guest stars as they can. For instance, [SPOILER] that Katharine McPhee and Jeremy Jordan kiss came at least 8 episodes too soon. I barely know his character, much less their relationship. But I digress...

As much as I love Smash, I won't be surprised when it gets canceled.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Favorites from the Day: New Pictures from NBC's Smash!!

Today I found and posted a bunch of pictures from this week's episode of Smash onto BroadwayWorld.com.

In "The Fringe," the drama ensues in this week's Smash as ridiculous shenanigans are going down involving this musical or that musical that no one can really keep track of. For real though, Smash is up to three. I feel like there needs to be a limit to that kind of stuff. Anyway, this week's guest stars include Broadway star Nikki Blonsky (Hairspray), Jesse L. Marvin (Rent), and of course there's a Will and Grace reunion as Sean Hayes joins.

Click on the meme (which actually didn't make it into the article) below to check out the full article and the other 8 pictures!

Photo Credit: NBC Smash
And it seems forever ago that I posted this on-set picture that was new at the time!

I'll savor these moments while I can, because I'm sure Smash is going under. After all, according to BroadwayWorld.com, a recent episode just recently set a show record for low viewership. We all know it's because they kicked Brian d'Arcy James off of the show (missed my feature about that incident? Read it on Singular Sensation!). It is a shame, because I love this show.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Anne Hathaway's Drama Teacher Discusses Pre- Les Miserables Years

Photo courtesy: IMDb.com
Did you know Anne Hathaway's career started on stage? She was a part of the Paper Mill Theatre School and appeared in many of their summer productions. In an interview with BroadwayWorld.com, Hathaway's drama teacher from Paper Mill, Mickey McNany, shared that she always knew Anne Hathaway was a special girl. And she says that when she saw Hathaway win the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role as Fantine in Les Miserables she just kept thinking, "I knew you could do it." Read this interview to learn more about this star's childhood acting days and great taste at age 10.

And check out this footage of Anne Hathaway at Paper Mill Playhouse singing and dancing on stage in some of her first starring roles ever!

Unfortunately, Anne Hathaway has no social media accounts :(