Monday, October 22, 2012

VOICE OVER: Week 7 of The Voice Reveals Powerhouse Talent!

Y'all, there's only one word for this week on The Voice: POWER!!! Seriously, they definitely saved the best for last. Click on the pictures below to read these recaps and make sure to follow the links to watch videos from tonight and last night!

VOICE OVER: October 22
Night five of the Battle Rounds on NBC's The Voice tonight showed that dreams do come true.  Every single one of the contestants tonight had something to prove, and whether for themselves personally, or for family, they gave these performances all they had. Performers from Teams Christina Aguilera (and adviser Billy Joe Armstrong), CeeLo Green (and Rob Thomas), and Adam Levine (along with Mary J. Blige) performed tonight, while no full battles from Team Blake were shown. Nonetheless, there were some great tear-jerking moments tonight, naturally. 

October 22
VOICE OVER: October 23
Tonight was the final night of Battle Rounds on NBC’s The Voice! For the Battles, each contestant pairs up with another contestant from the same team to sing a duet in front of their coach and the other three coaches. After the performance, their coach has to decide which one gets to move on to the Knock Out Rounds, and who gets the boot. This season, a special twist was added in which one of the other coaches can actually “steal” whoever gets eliminated. Each coach only has two steals though, so they have to be pretty stingy. So as it stands coming into the last night of Battles, Adam LevineBlake Shelton, and CeeLo Green have all used up their steals, so Christina Aguilera is the only one with a steal still to use.

October 23

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Favorites from the Day: Dolly Parton, CATCH ME IF YOU CAN, and More!

Douglas Sills, who plays Gomez in The Addams Family tour, sat down with NBC Fort Worth to talk about various different elements of the show. He said many superlatives, including, but not limited to, "You haven't lived til you've seen Morticia in this dress," and "Director Jerry Zaks has the Nobel Prize in comedy!" As you know from last week's post, I love Douglas Sills! I'll post about him whenever I can!

The tour of the 2011 Broadway musical Catch Me if You Can started October 7 at the Providence Performing Arts Center. The videos below show clips of songs from the show, including "Live in Living Color," "Jet Set," "Fly, Fly Away," "Don't Break the Rules," and more! 

Though there was a Broadway musical, 9 to 5, using her music in 2009, and she performed on the Tony Awards in the same year, country star Dolly Parton expressly said that she can never be on Broadway. Why? Click on the article link above to find out!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Updated- VOICE OVER: Battle Rounds or Team Bonding Rounds?

While Mondays get a really bad rep for being the start of a work week, those who have been watching The Voice for a while know with that show, there is now something redeemable about such a universally un-motivating day. So on Monday, October 15, the Battle Rounds week two continued in full force. However, with the compatibility of all of these singers, the audience was left wondering if these should be called the “Battle Rounds” at all, because nothing about tonight resembled a battlefield. Indeed, the friendly atmosphere made it seem like tonight’s episode should have been dubbed simply the, “Team Bonding Rounds.” If you need a quick refresher on the contestants, click here to read the other summaries from this season.

Click on the picture below to read the rest of the article!
October 15!
Week two of the Battle Rounds commenced tonight with some surprising stealing and very strong emotions across the board. With the end of this week’s episodes of NBC’s The Voice, half of the judges had used up all of their steals, some of which happened tonight. Singers from Team Blake Shelton, with the help of adviser Michale BublĂ©, Team Adam Levine and Mary J. Blige, and Team CeeLo Green with Rob Thomas battled it out hard-core for an hour of The Voice.

Click on the picture below to read the rest of this recap!
October 16 Battles

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Midtown Men Spotlight: Michael Longoria!

J. Robert Spencer, Michael Longoria, Daniel Reichard, Christian Hoff
(photo from The Midtown Men Facebook page)
Earlier today, I wrote about one of my favorite singing groups, The Midtown Men. As it happens, today is Midtown Man Michael Longiria's birthday!

On his website, it says, "Michael Longoria is best known for his star turn on Broadway as Frankie Valli in the Tony Award-Winning Musical Jersey Boys. Hollywood born and Broadway bound, Longoria trained at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, then traveled to the east coast to attend NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, earning a BFA in drama." Besides his awesome portrayal of Frankie Valli, Michael Longoria also originated the role of Joey in Jersey Boys, playing Frankie a couple times a week.

So in honor of his special day, watch this video of The Midtown Men in concert, with Michael taking the lead on "Sherry," the Four Seasons hit. Visit to learn more about this great performer!

Coming to a Stage Near You: The Midtown Men!

If you've been following this page or particularly the Facebook version of this page, for a little while, you'll know that I love The Midtown Men. I also realize I haven't told exactly who they are on this blog though! The short answer is they are a group of guys who tour the country and sing classic oldies. So let me elaborate and let you know why I love them and why you should too. I'll preface this by saying that unlike most kids my age, I actually grew up listening to oldies, so to have a touring group that sings some of the greatest hits from the '60s and '70s is beyond awesome! 

(here's the part of the write-up I put together for their profile)

The Midtown Men reunites stars from the original cast of Broadway's Jersey Boys. Tony-Award winner (for his role in Jersey Boys) Christian Hoff, Michael Longoria, Daniel Reichard and Tony-Award nominee J. Robert Spencer (Next to Normal) are currently touring the country with a one-of-a-kind concert experience celebrating the music that defined the 1960s. During their time in the mega-hit musical Jersey Boys, these four talented artists shared the stage for over a thousand performances. These guys also just released a new CD called "The Midtown Men: Sixties Hits" featuring some of the songs they sing on tour like hits of The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Jackson Five, The Mamas and Papas, the Four Seasons, and more.
Keep up with The Midtown Men at, on YouTube:, Twitter: @TheMidtownMen, or like them on Facebook:

Check out their tour schedule and go see them live as soon as possible! Not only do they sing, but they tell different anecdotes from touring, performing, etc.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Happy Birthday, Hugh Jackman!!

Y'all, today is an important day. It's Friday! But seriously, as if Fridays weren't good enough, today, you have a legitimate excuse to talk about, celebrate, and look at pictures and videos of Hugh Jackman! Happy birthday to a truly versatile and awesome performer!! Hopefully everyone has seen his ridiculously intense role of Wolverine in the X-Men movies (If you haven't, go watch the first one right now!), but a lot of people don't realize he has also been in musicals on Broadway and in Australia. In fact, he's a Tony Award-winner!

To those who only know him as Wolverine, this clip is truly shocking, I'm not gonna lie. But this is the performance for which he won a Tony for best actor in BOY FROM OZ.

So, he is also going to be in the new Les Mis movie as Jean Valjean. Do you think that part suits him? And! He's the title role in the new Schwartz-composed (Pippin, Wicked, Godspell) musical of HOUDINI. I think I see their reasoning: he was amazing as the revenge-seeking magician in the movie The Prestige with Christian Bale and Scarlett Johanson a few years ago. I can't wait to hear this score which Hugh calls Schwartz's "greatest."

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Favorites From the Day: Sean Hayes, Bryan Fenkart, and More!

Photo Flash: Megan Hilty and Sean Hayes on the SMASH Set!
As previously announced, Sean Hayes will be on Smash season 2 for a few episodes. He has already finished filming, but throughout the process, he tweeted lots of pictures of himself as the actor Terrence Falls in Smash's other musical (besides the Marilyn Monroe show BOMBSHELL) called LIASONS. Sean Hayes's wig is quite something... You have to check all of them out!! Below is a preview...
Sean Hayes (@theseanhayes) Tweeted this:

And more fun on my final day of shooting for with the amazing .

STAGE TUBE: Bryan Fenkart Sings Original Song, "Simple & Grey"
Bryan Fenkart was the stellar understudy for Chad Kimball in MEMPHIS on Broadway back in 2010. He's actually the one I saw when I went to the show in October 2010. He's got a couple of really good albums, the latest of which is "Simple & Grey," which I'll spotlight on this blog later on. For now, give this tune a listen! This guy is brilliant!

STAGE TUBE: Douglas Sills & Sarah Gettelfinger Talk Ad-Libs, ADDAMS, THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL, and More!
The stars of The Addams Family tour, Douglas Sills (The Scarlet Pimpernel, Tony nomination) and Sarah Gettelfinger (Nine) who play Gomez and Morticia, respectively, sat down to talk with The Column in Dallas to talk about the show. In this video, they discuss the total revamping of the show from Broadway to the tour, Douglas's hilarious knack for keeping the other cast-members on their toes with his ad-libs, Sarah's costume, and much more. It's very entertaining. You must watch the whole interview! The funniest part is what a fan the interviewer is! It's really sweet but a tiny bit awkward.

Oh and here's a confession: I was a creepy fan like this interviewer. You must understand: THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL is my favorite musical of all time! So when I saw THE ADDAMS FAMILY on tour, I got his autograph, and a picture. When we were getting a picture together and he had his arm around me, I think he said something like, "Wow, your heart feels like it's about to pound out of your chest." Truth.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Because Everyone Needs Some Awesome...

It seems like Wednesdays are tricky. They're neither as bad as Monday nor as great as Fridays. They're somewhere between the two. But most often, they're a wildcard. Depending on the week, they could be great because you know it's only a couple days until the weekend; on the other hand, they can be bad if you still have lots to do and two whole days left before weekend bliss.

So whether you're in the excited or the overwhelmed category, everyone can use a dose of awesome today. And here it is. It's one of my favorite Tony Awards performances ever! This was from the 2011 Tonys when Catch Me if You Can was nominated for Best Musical, and the genius that is Norbert Leo Butz won his second Best Actor Tony for this performance.

And this is my chance to heap the praises onto Norbert: Let's just say, he's so brilliant in this number that after I finished watching it, all I could do was watch it again. And the second time around, I said, "Wait, there were background dancers?" You can see why he won the Fred Astaire dance award for this. There are just those little things he does throughout that absolutely make this number. He's incredible.

Feeling awesome now?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

VOICE OVER: The Battle Rages Week 5 on The Voice

VOICE OVER: The Battle Rounds Begin on NBC's The Voice!

On NBC’s The Voice, last night marked the start of the battle rounds! The last two weeks were the blind auditions in which singers auditioned, the coaches decided whether or not they wanted the singer, and the performers themselves chose which team they wanted to join. So now, it’s almost a completely different show. Now it’s about each artist competing against another awesome singer to stay on the show. And guest coaches Billie Joe Armstrong, Mary J. Blige, Michael Buble, and Rob Thomas made appearances too!

Click the picture below to read the in-depth recap of last night's episode of The Voice!
The Battle Begins!

VOICE OVER: The Battle Rages on The Voice Stage!

The second night of the battle rounds on The Voice was just as intense as ever, though the talent did not seem quite as overpoweringly awesome as last night, but the singers definitely brought everything they had to this competition today.

Click on the picture for tonight's summary!

October 9, The Battle Rages!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Christian Hoff Returns to the Recording Studio!

Yesterday, Tony Award-Winner Christian Hoff (Tommy in Jersey Boys) of The Midtown Men Tweeted this:

"Back in the studio doing some recording... stay tuned... "

And you've got to understand, this guy rarely- if ever- tweets, so this must be pretty important. So what is he working on? Is it another Midtown Men project, or could this be a just-Christian thing? I'll post as soon as I know!

If you haven't heard The Midtown Men's music, do it! They are on Spotify! The group is composed of riginal Broadway Jersey Boys cast stars Christian Hoff, J. Robert Spencer, Daniel Reichard, and Michael Longoria who tour the country singing '60s hits. And between, they throw in random anecdotes about shows and fun touring stories.

Follow Christian Hoff on Twitter to get the word from him first: @MrChristianHoff!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Updated- VOICE OVER: Week 4 Marks the End of the Blind Auditions

VOICE OVER: In Week 4, Teams Become the Sweet 16
As of the beginning of the show tonight (October 1), the teams on The Voice were each two mentees short of being complete. You know what that means? Of course it meant the pressure was on, and everyone had to absolutely bring it to take those last eight spots.

Click on the pictures to find out what happened tonight!

I was in a very Broadway mood tonight, so see if you can spot my not-so-subtle theatre references. I'd say there are 3 theatre-related nods in there.

The Voice, Monday October 1

The Voice, Tuesday October 2
NBC's The Voice was slightly unusual tonight, October 2, because it was almost a recap in and of itself. The purpose of the show tonight was to refresh the audience on who the contestants were, what they sang, and of course on whose team they are now. Having seen what feels like a zillion people get up there, sing, and either be rejected or take sides, it was really good to watch an overview of the people who will be part of the show this season.

So whose team are you on?