Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Springtime for Broadway: Top 3 Spring-Themed Broadway Songs

Spring is just around the corner- or if you're way down South like me, it's officially here to stay. Goodbye snow (or in my case, half-hearted cold), hello butterflies and flowers! And what better way to embrace the new life-giving season than brush up your Broadway music? Fortunately of course, there is a Broadway tune for literally everything.

Below, check out the short list of the top musical songs with the name "spring" in the title!

Springtime for Broadway: Top 3 Spring-Themed Broadway Songs

1. "Springtime for Hitler"- from The Producers (2005 film)
     Music & lyrics by Mel Brooks

2. "Younger Than Springtime" - from South Pacific (2008 Broadway revival)
    Music: Richard Rodgers
    Lyrics: Oscar Hammerstein

3. "Spring, Spring, Spring" - Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954 film)
    Music: Gene de Paul
    Lyrics: Johnny Mercer

BONUS: This might go more into the summer category, but here's a performance of "The Lusty Month of May" from Camelot.

And here is the real irony: the recent and popular Broadway musical that actually has the word "spring" in the title has no song. Spring Awakening fail.

Happy Wednesday, y'all!

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