Thursday, October 23, 2014

Review: "GSU's ALMOST MAINE- That Time Absurdity and Hooligans Didn't Ruin a Show"

My school recently staged a fully student-produced version of Almost, Maine, which I reviewed it for because I can. So, I know I usually don't post multiple times in one week, but it's 62 days until Christmas, so anything can happen (how d'ya like that logic?). Before reading it, I'll have to warn you: sass and hair flips ahead, and yes, in fact I do use the word "hooligan."

"During Georgia Southern University's one-act production of John Cariani's ALMOST, MAINE, the most frequent question I asked myself was first, "Why did those hooligans on the front row come to see this show?" and second, "Is that a new character?" Student shows of course come with student patrons, but unruly ones have great potential to ruin a production- and these distracting young people very nearly did. And I must say that in a show full of short vignettes, concentration was vital. Thus from a "kids these days" approach did I view this play, wishing I had brought a cane to wave in frustration. 
"It's very important to preface this with the fact that this production was completely student-produced by the student theatre organization, Theatre South. Making her directorial debut, Ibiwumi Owolabi has a work to be proud of. 
"Each actor played at least two characters, if not four. Though, it is very likely I would not have realized that some of the actors were portraying more than one character had the program not told me. By its nature, the structure of the show was driven by an interesting artistic choice, having actors portray multiple roles, but was lacking in clarity of the character's identities. I frequently wondered if we were meeting a new character or not. This weak execution lay more in the script's infrequent re-iteration of each character's name than anything else. Fortunately, the character identities were not confounding enough to detract from the show itself, which proved to be an absurdly entertaining romp around some kind of metaphysical city in Maine, which included components similar to those found in The Phantom Tollbooth..."

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