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Yes! He Sings AND Dances! 3 Lesser-Known Hugh Jackman Performances

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Yesterday, stage and screen star Hugh Jackman celebrated a birthday, and by this time I've learned to stop trying to do the math and figure out people's ages, because this theatre kid is apparently mathematically challenged. Go figure. According to other sources, however, he is 46.

Have you noticed that theatre like to claim famous people who had their start on Broadway and not let it go? Ever? That's happened most recently with Ariana Grande, but my theatre colleagues like to regularly remind people that before Hugh Jackman was a movie star, he was a musical theatre star, like all the cool kids. And we theatre people wonder why other people consider us to be weird and annoying.

It's true! Despite the fact that he is best known for his role as Wolverine in the X-Men franchise, this ridiculously gorgeous talented man really got what I'd consider his big break with a Melbourne production of Beauty and the Beast, playing Gaston, and from that has had several subsequent roles. In fact, he is returning to Broadway (assuming he doesn't drop out like he did with Houdini) this season in The River. So for those of you who are Hugh Jackman fans and already love his singing/dancing abilities or are new to that side of him, this week's count-down is dedicated to him. And I think it's safe to say that lots of theatre people have seen his Tony Awards performance from The Boy from Oz and "Oh What a Beautiful Mornin'" from Oklahoma! so here are videos you may not have seen.

3 Lesser-Known Musical Performances from Hugh Jackman

3. "Surrey With a Fringe on Top" - From the 1998 London revival of Oklahoma! and his accent isn't bad!

2. "Once Before I Go" - The lovely 11 o'clock number from The Boy From Oz, for which Jackman won a Tony Award. I'm not exactly sure what recording this is, but I'm glad it exists!!

1. "Dueling Hosts" - From the 2011 Tony Awards, watch Hugh Jackman and Neil Patrick Harris battle it out to decide who is the best Tony Award host through the best form of battle: a series of musical parodies.

What are your favorite Hugh Jackman performances?

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