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3 Backstage Broadway Video Blogs to Watch This Summer

Christopher Hanke in How to Succeed
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So, features some great video blogs (or, "vlogs" as the cool kids call them) from Broadway cast members in a lot of popular Broadway shows. Basically, they take a camera around and film themselves doing random and/or routine things backstage and around town, so it's a great glimpse into the life of a Broadway actor. I can neither confirm nor deny that I have faithfully used these vlogs as my #1 source of procrastination material and summer entertainment. Since the current ones are not completed yet, I'll show you some of my favorite past ones.

When Kyle Dean Massey joined Next to Normal as The Son (Gabe), he did a vlog for, and it was adorable! I believe all of the cast members were featured at some point, and it went for 11 episodes, which were all about 10 minutes long. This one is fun, because the cast members are all hilarious, and he does a lot of filming backstage while the show is going on, so at some points you can hear the songs being sung on stage. I particularly love the last one when J. Robert Spencer (who was still playing Dan) tells about a blooper that had just happened. Check out the first episode below!

Another one of my favorites was the first vlog I saw, featuring Christopher Hanke from the recent revival of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. Hanke is quite possibly the most adorable person ever. He had me at the Les Mis reference in the first episode. A lot of this vlog is spent with just him, and no, Daniel Radcliffe does not make an appearance, with the occasional video bomb (is that a thing? I'm going for the video version of photo bomb...), or rather, takeover, from ensemble member Nick Mayo, as well as many other cast members (like one of my favorites, Paige Faure, currently of Bullets Over Broadway). He does a variety of things like showing off his abs for no apparent reason (actually the reason is that he's trying to rival Nick Adams of Priscilla Queen of the Desert), showing off fan mail, rocking out to Beyonce, and more. Hanke's 11 episodes are more like 15 minutes long, and very fun. Check out the first one below! (here's a link to the rest)

I have been loving Kyle Dean Massey's new vlog for Pippin, cleverly named "Fresh Prince." It's not quite finished, but I still have to share it, because Kyle Dean is just as adorable as he was in his Next to Normal one. This vlog is a little different, because it starts before he joins the show, so there are a lot of rehearsal sequences and such, which are fascinating.

There are lots more, so check them out on!

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