Monday, March 24, 2014

5 Broadway Videos from SMASH to LES MISERABLES to Make Monday Awesome

"A Thousand and One Nights"
So, this writer just got back from an awesome time in NYC (aka: Heaven), and do you know how hard it is to condescend to real life after that? Clearly the only solution for such a feeling is to have an emergency Broadway session, featuring some great videos ranging from ridiculously epic performances to hilarious bloopers. This song list is a tested formula for feeling ridiculously awesome all around all day, even on a Monday.

1. "Wheels of a Dream" from Ragtime
Have a long week ahead of you? This is all the inspiration you should need. Because Brian Stokes Mitchell and Audra McDonald were in a show together this one time, and it was divinely inspired. (side note: I love this song, but I only just found this particular video yesterday... Where has it been all my life?! The fact that the quality of this recording is so good just makes me want to burst into the Hallelujah Chorus)

2. Carol Burnett has a wardrobe malfunction (in the middle of a show)
Need a laugh? Watch this (and start at 1:45). I can't elaborate any further on the title, so you just have to see for yourself the genius that is Carol Burnett.

3. "One Day More" flashmob in Poland
Who doesn't need more epic inspiration? It's also just one of those, "...well that just happened" videos. It takes place in a mall, and the cast of Les Miserables sings the most famous song from the show, "One Day More." All the chills.

4. Lea Salonga sings "Still Hurting" from The Last Five Years
YES, this is a thing! I'm not totally sure what category this goes in, but let's just call it a Broadway appreciation video in general. This is the only video that I've been able to find of this Tony Award-winner (Miss Saigon)/Disney princess (Mulan and Jasmine) singing this song, and I'm not even sure when she performed this. Like the BSM video that I love, it's just one of those golden rehearsal videos that saints put on YouTube.

5. "A Thousand and One Nights" from Smash
Want to really start your day with a bang? This might or might not be the video I turn to when I need to feel really awesome and good about my day without going so far as intense inspiration. This was definitely the most random song in all of NBC's Smash, but so good, nevertheless. It's another "...that just happened" video; that is, I can guarantee you'll feel bewitched, bothered, and I daresay bewildered, after watching it. Let me put it this way: watching this video definitely parallels taking chances to better your life: at first you'll be asking "why...?" but pretty soon, you just go with it and ask "why not?"

Now, tell me that formula didn't work.

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