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8 Videos to Watch in Anticipation of Disney's ALADDIN on Broadway!

Aladdin Broadway poster
Who else has been waiting since 1992 for one of Disney's best animated musicals, Aladdin, to come to Broadway? Fess up! Yeah, pretty much everyone. Fortunately, this year all our dreams are coming true. A slightly revised version of Aladdin starts previews on Tuesday, February 26 and officially opens on March 20 at the New Amsterdam Theatre in New York.

Aladdin played at the 5th Avenue Theatre in Seattle in summer of 2011 and just finished its Toronto tryout at the Ed Mirvisch Theatre. In those shows, some songs and even characters which had been cut from the movie were added back. Adam Jacobs (Marius in Les Mis) and Courtney Reed (In the Heights) star as Aladdin and Jasmine, respectively, with James Monroe Iglehart (Memphis) as the Genie, and Jonathan Freeman reprising the role of Jafar, which he originated in the movie.

I know Disney fans need no excuse to be excited about this show, but here are some videos to help those speechless fans out there articulate their feelings.

1. Aladdin is bigger than life with additional material (much of which was cut from the movie) that stays true to the original, beautiful movie. This "making of" video featuring interviews with the creative team says it all.

2. The marquee is up. That means it's almost time for previews!

3. Adam Jacobs is wonderful. In this video, he talks about his love for the movie as a kid and learning to tap dance. Just look at that smile!

4. James Monroe Iglehart is incredibly stoked to be playing his favorite Disney character of all time. This video includes a clip of his reaction to the news that he was cast!

5. Courtney Reed was literally moved to tears by "A Whole New World" at one of the first rehearsals. Check out Adam Jacobs awkwardly trying to console her as she shyly cries! It's pretty good.

6. They have the most beautiful costumes ever.

7. Book-writer/additional lyrics-writer Chad Beguelin based the script off of the late Howard Ashman(Aladdin lyricist)'s original vision for the show.

8. Jasmine has a solo. Nuff said.

I have high hopes for this show! As much as we're not supposed to compare Broadway shows, everyone's thinking it: will it be the success that Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King were, or will it be totally forgotten like Tarzan?

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