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News and History: Matthew Morrison Talks Boy Bands, Returning to Broadway "right after Glee," and More!

Matthew Morrison in SOUTH PACIFIC on Broadway
Glee star and Broadway alum (original Link in Hairspray, original Lt. Cable in South Pacific revival) Matthew Morrison has been extra popular for about the last month or so. He's brilliant and definitely deserves it, but this attention is largely coming from the fast-approaching release of his first Christmas album, "A Classic Christmas." But for real, everyone has been interviewing him, and even more than that, Billboard even gave an exclusive preview of his album!

He Skyped with HuffPost Live on November 7 for about 15 minutes, and it was so entertaining (see the many expressions of Mr. Morrison below). Here's a quick look at the highlights:

Not surprisingly, he first discusses his Christmas album and post-Cory Monteith Glee. He says of the tribute episode, "I'm glad it's behind us so we can just move on." Then he shares that they were currently filming their Christmas episode, calling the atmosphere, "Very jovial and gleeful." *see what he did there*

At 7:44, they show clips from the best jokes about Mr. Shue's hair on Glee through the years. Of course they are all Sue Sylvesterisms, and Morrison thought them all hilarious.

Most notably, he says, "Right after Glee, I definitely want to get back on stage. That's kind of the reason I put out a lot of these albums is because I'm a creature of the stage, and I love to perform in front of a live audience, and that reciprocal feeling that you get from a live audience- that's what really feeds my soul." He says he wants to play someone different from Mr. Shue either on Broadway or the West End. Yes, you heard that right. He said that very definitively. Welcome back to Broadway, sir!

Lastly, he addresses "the boy band thing," revealing that he has been a part of 6 boy bands in his past including LMNT, (which released their hit song "(Hey) Juliet!" after he quit) and "Fresh Step" which he called a "fake boy band). He says he didn't really love the boy band experience, because he's a solo artist. "If there's a mess-up on stage, it's my mess-up... I don't trust other people, I guess."

To brighten up your morning, I bring you some golden, wonderfully ridiculous Matthew Morrison footage from when he performed with "Fresh Step" on Letterman. Heehee this is probably the best thing I've ever seen.

I'm sorry, but all I heard from the HuffPost interview was the part about him wanting to be on Broadway soon! We'll welcome him back gladly, I'm sure. Since all celebrities go the revival route, which roles would you like to see him in?

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