Monday, November 4, 2013

Best of YouTube: Aaron Tveit and Norbert Leo Butz Sing in a WICKED Face-Off

Aaron Tveit
Writing last week's Wicked Week articles totally renewed my love for that amazing show. And you know what? Even though I posted just about a zillion Wicked-related videos every day, there were still some that I left out! Since I'm not quite ready to let go of my Wicked high, I'll share another video with you. Wait, did you miss last week's tributes? Check them all out here!

The video below is from Broadway's "Miscast" concert in 2009, in which Norbert Leo Butz (original Fiyero in Wicked, one of my favorite actors of all time) and Aaron Tveit (a Fiyero replacement, original Gabe in Next to Normal, Frank Abagnale in Catch Me if You Can) sing a great song from Wicked which, as the concert title might suggest, they would normally never sing. And then there's a hilarious surprise in the middle involving the famous Fiyero pants.

This requires a little bit of background information though. Those Fiyero pants have a reputation for being ridiculously tight, which Norbert just found funny, because he felt like he was a little old to be playing the young college guy, much less wear some tight pants (Read here about when they ripped during a performance). An interesting thing to bear in mind: this performance was before he and Aaron Tveit adorably starred together in Catch Me if You Can (2011).

Since then, they have apparently had many discussions about the fact that Norbert will always be the original Fiyero and therefore the one who wore the pants the best. Do you concur?

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