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WICKED Week: Spotlight on the G(a)lindas

Kristin Chenoweth
The most successful musical of this generation, Wicked, celebrated a great milestone on Wednesday. As of October 30, they have been on Broadway for 10 years. (Scroll down to the bottom for a synopsis and main character list) Check out tributes from every day this week, including documentaries, interviews, original rehearsal footage, bootleg performance videos, and more as I have highlighted the road to Broadway, the Fiyeros, and the Elphabas!

The tribute for Day 4 of Wicked week is another character spotlight, this time on the other leading lady, Galinda. At the beginning of the story she is the ridiculously beautiful and popular girl at Shiz. And she does silly things to get attention, like act even ditsier than she is and change her name to Glinda. Her character change is one of my favorites, because there are definitely different stages of it as you see her make choices that affect her entire life. She realizes that even though in her mind, she is the beautiful cheerleader who gets whatever she wants (including the guy), life doesn't actually work that way. By the end, she has been sobered by her experiences with a best friend like Elphaba.

I must say that it is such a shame that she was too big of a character to be eligible for the Tony Award for Best Featured Actress in a Musical. It would have been so great to see both of the Wicked girls take home a spinning statue that night, but unfortunately, they were competing against each other. So watch this video from the original Glinda, Kristin Chenoweth's last time ever to sing her big solo, "Popular." She ad-libs quite a lot, and it's hysterical.

Another now well-known girl who has put on that fabulously sparkly blue dress is Megan Hilty, now of "Smash" fame (I'll totally be that annoying actor friend though, and let you know that I liked her from Wicked way before she was on television). Her Galinda is very different from Kristin's, and it can only be described as feisty. Check it out!

Here's an interesting montage of a bunch of different Glindas singing just "I couldn't be happier today" from "Thank Goodness." Based on this, my favorites are Kristin Chenoweth, Katie Rose Clarke, and Suzie Mathers.

Other Galindas include Annaleigh Ashford, Alli Mauzey (who is playing the role now), and many more, listed below from

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Wicked is about Elphaba (later known as the Wicked Witch of the West) who goes to Shiz University as a social outcast and ends up rooming with Glinda. Despite the odd pairing, the two become best friends. The story is about loyalty and friendship as it follows their journeys as they have to decide who they want to be as opposed to who other people think they are. The original cast included Idina Menzel (Tony Award, Elphaba), Kristin Chenoweth (Tony nomination, Glinda), Norbert Leo Butz (Fiyero, the ridiculously good-looking and self-proclaimed shallow guy at Shiz), and Joel Grey (the Wonderful Wizard of Oz).

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