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(added 10/18/13)
Broadway has a lot of golden moments which have fortunately been captured on video and with this new-fangled 21st-century technology, we can all watch them! So I'm starting a new column on Singular Sensation dedicated to the very best in those long lost YouTube treasures. Some of these will be bootlegs of Broadway bloopers, but mostly it's just great, sometimes rare, performances that everyone needs to see but might not have seen.

So today's Broadway YouTube video is a performance from 11 years ago when Les Miserables had just passed A Chorus Line in number of performances and became Broadway's longest-running show. In this video, they celebrate that milestone by having many original cast members (yes, Colm Wilkinson, aka, Mr. Les Mis) come on stage for curtain call. As might be expected, they reprise the show's most famous song, "One Day More," but they also sing another fitting song which was not expected.

From the video I could only identify one cast member in that performance, who of course is Lea Salonga, and based on when it was (and looking up actors on the Les Mis cast list on I will assume that J. Mark McVey was playing Jean Valjean and Philip Hernandez was Javert. Other than that I have no guesses. Could anyone identify any of the other cast members from the video?

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