Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Singular Sensation Spotlight: THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL

With all the ridiculously popular awesome musicals like Wicked, Les Mis, and Phantom, it seems like a lot of great musicals get totally overlooked. And every few months, I need a new musical to listen to but have trouble figuring out which ones are lost treasure, and which are forgotten for good reason. However, I will attempt to shed some light on truly underrated Broadway tunes.

To mark the milestone of my 100th post on Singular Sensation, I decided that it's only fitting that it should be about my favorite show of all time, The Scarlet Pimpernel. In 1997, Douglas Sills made his Broadway debut in the title role opposite Terrence Mann as the villain, Chauvelin, and Christine Andreas as Marguerite, the ingenue. Frank Wildhorn composed the music, and at the time, the original Broadway production of Jekyll and Hyde was also on Broadway. So when Civil War opened in 1999, Wildhorn had three shows running at the same time, one of the few composers to ever claim that.

Despite scathing reviews, The Scarlet Pimpernel ran for a respectable three years. I didn't get to see the original production, but I fell in love with the show through the original Broadway cast recording. High points are definitely "Into the Fire," "The Riddle," "Only Love," "She Was There," and all of Terrence Mann's solos. Listen to the original cast recording below, and you should see what I mean!

This is definitely in, if not at the very top of, my must-listen Broadway albums list. So brighten up this lovely Wednesday by listening to this gem!

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  1. Such a good show, the videos of the original cast on youtube are priceless.

  2. Yes they are! Douglas Sills is just brilliant, especially singing "She Was There"