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Tonys Countdown Trivia Day 5: Beyond Broadway with Audrey Hepburn, Anne Hathaway, & More!

Judi Dench
The Tony Awards are on June 9! So in anticipation of that, I will be posting some Tony Awards trivia and tidbits on Singular Sensation every day leading up to it. 

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Tony Awards Countdown Trivia #5: Beyond Broadway

Only 5 actresses have won a Tony Award and an Oscar Award (movies) in the same year: (I list Oscars first, because they come earlier in the year) 

The first to do so was Shirley Booth who in 1953 won an Oscar for Come Back, Little Sheba and a Tony for the play The Time of the Cuckoo. This was particularly impressive, considering the Tonys were only invented in 1949.

Audrey Hepburn won her first and only Oscar for Roman Holiday and then the only Tony nomination she received was for the play Ondine in 1954. 

Watch another vintage acceptance speech video, which is older than yesterday's! This one is Audrey Hepburn in all her classiness saying a short but sweet thank you at the Oscars. And just look at how elegant she is as she walks to the stage. It's great, because you get to see Gary Cooper on what I assume is the set of High Noon reading the list of nominees, and Donald O'Connor is the guy at the microphone, and I just love how '50s this segment is!

And if I may digress for a moment... Can we talk about how much Audrey Hepburn's Oscars 1954 outfit looked like Anne Hathaway's Oscars 2013 look? Of course someone else on the internet noticed this before me, but just look at this comparison!

After two years in a row of an actress receiving both a Tony and an Oscar, it took 21 more years for it to happen again. So in 1975, Ellen Burstyn received an Oscar for Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore, and a Tony Award for Same Time, Next Year. Though she has extensive Broadway credits and won 3 separate theatre awards for her performance (100% of the nominations), Same Time, Next Year is the only Broadway show for which she was even nominated for any kind of awards. It's ok though. She's one of those people with a ridiculously vast resume.

In 1991, Mercedes Ruehl won an Oscar for The Fisher King followed by a Tony for her portrayal of Bella in Lost in Yonkers, a role which she had previously played in the movie of the same title (though that screen performance garnered neither win nor nomination).

The last person to date to win an Oscar and a Tony in the same year was none other than Dame Judi Dench who won an Oscar for Shakespeare in Love and a Tony Award for Amy's View in 1999. She has yet to receive another theatre award nomination, or win another Oscar, but I'm sure no one needs to have pity for this legend who is a charicature of herself now. And yet, she's one of the only ridiculously famous British actors (including Kate Winslet and Colin Firth) to not be in Harry Potter, so I'll give her that.

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