Sunday, June 9, 2013

How to Host a Perfect Tony Awards Party in 6 Steps

Terrence Mann
The most exciting day of the year is finally here! So I have prepared a little list of how to have a perfect Tony Awards party.

1. Review the nominees
If you're like me and have a lot of non-Broadway fan friends, and they think you're an absolute Broadway expert, make sure to look over the nominees beforehand so that you seem like an expert.

2. Buy M&M's
No party is complete without at least two varieties of M&M's. And maybe this should be the first on the list...

3. Get your "theatre nerd" on
You only have one night a year to freely be completely sentimental about years past. So rewatch your favorite performances from the Tony Awards, and remind yourself why you're a die-hard fan of a given nominee.

4. Watch the video
I guess you don't need my blog, because Brian d'Arcy James (one of my favorite actors ever) leads you through how to have a good Tonys party. And this year the comment about Terrence Mann is so applicable!

5. Play the games has provided a lovely drinking game for the 2013 Tony Awards. I don't drink, but I think the checklist his hilarious. Also, provided a great Tonys bingo made especially for this year! Check it out here, and look at a sample of one of the cards below.

6. Fill out the ballot
This you can do while you're watching, but make sure to print the official Tony Awards ballot. If you're like me and you have no educated guess whatsoever for a good half of them, who cares? And it gives your ignorant friends (you know, the kinds of people who don't even know what a swing is) a chance to not feel inferior. And as the night goes on, you start to get an idea about who's going to win everything.

I have completed my ballot, and I'm putting it out there publicly for the first time! As much as I love Terrence Mann, I think this will be yet another disappointment for him, though he hasn't even had a Tony nod in 19 years. Also, he needs a new headshot.

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  1. Great post Sally! Yep. Perfect Tony party. :D