Monday, February 4, 2013

Jessica Chastain's Puppy Finally Gets His Big Break on Broadway

Jessica Chastain (
I think this might be the craziest Broadway story I've ever heard. I saw Twitter updates about this the other day, but apparently Saturday's matinee of the Broadway drama The Heiress, Jessica Chastain's three-legged rescue dog wandered on stage! He has impeccable timing, too. The dog managed to pick one of the most dramatic moments to spoil. That's how it's done.

Apparently the patrons were confused at first as to whether or not this was part of the show. But of course, the actors had obvious looks of surprise on their faces which they couldn't hide. So an off-stage crew member finally managed to get the dog to leave the stage, by which time of course the audience had dissolved into laughter. Bless that dog. Of course a Broadway debut wouldn't be complete without a curtain call, and he got one too! Check out the article about it here.

Not only is Jessica Chastain starring in a Broadway play, but she is currently nominated for an Oscar for her role in Zero Dark Thirty. She has already won a Golden Globe for that award, so it seems like she is the front-runner for the Oscar.


  1. Haha, that is the best thing ever!

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