Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Brian d'Arcy James Sings "Bring Him Home" from Les Miserables!

The phrase "stop the presses" was definitely yelled when I saw the above title on a video. Brian d'Arcy James (favorite) and Les Mis (other favorite)?? As if life couldn't get any better! Actually, as I've previously stated, anything involving BDJ singing brightens up my day. Granted, he's no Colm Wilkinson, but he's still wonderful.

Check out the video below!

BDJ just finished up with Giant, an Off-Broadway play that Entertainment Weekly named the second best stage performance of 2012. Since he won't really be in Smash Season 2 (I'm forever bitter), I'm still waiting to see what he does next! Keep up with him online! www.briandarcyjames.com.

And by the way, Colm Wilkinson is who I also like to call "Mr. Les Mis." He starred as Jean Valjean in the original London and Broadway productions, and he appeared as the Bishop in the recent movie! He is another person I like to call brilliant.

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