Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Adam Lambert Asks, "Why Not Cast Actors Who Could Actually Sound Good?" for Les Mis

Adam Lambert (American Idol runner-up and former stage actor) recently decided he needed to tell the Twitter world exactly what he thought of the Les Miserables movie, particularly the vocals. Over 8 Tweets. Bad bad move, sir. I have no idea what would compel anyone to go off on a movie like that, whether or not you agree with him. It's just not classy. But here's a screen shot of the Tweets he sent:

Click on the screen shot below to go to his Twitter and read them all!

After this he did tweet the obligatory "apology," which was basically a "...just saying" kind of remark. Not to sound like an old man, but seriously this instant communication is terrible for this reason! It's too easy to rant and hit send. And that's your pop culture lecture for the day. By Sally Henry.

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