Tuesday, December 18, 2012

THE VOICE Finale Tonight!!!

So, tonight is the season finale of The Voice! Yes, yet another season is drawing to a close. Who do you think'sgoing to win season 3? It's such a hard prediction to make, because these are some talented singers. Of course they are. They wouldn't be in the finals if they weren't. Nevertheless, I feel an obligation to predict more than just the finalists, but the actual winner. But there are lots of factors that go into who might win and different reasons for each person.

Let's start with the last from Team CeeLo, Nicholas David:
He has a different sound than most pop singers; he's certainly different from the other two who are competing against him. Because of this and his lack of general popularity, I don't think he's likely to win. With all three of the singers, it really just comes down to style preference, but I think he won't win over America.

It seems like this competition is really between the two Team Blake members, Cassadee and Terry.
Terry has an awesome voice, not to mention his fun personality which has shown lots in the last few episodes. And he has one advantage in that he has a Scottish accent which Americans really can't resist. But seriously, I think the time I realized he was really brilliant was when he brought down the house with "Don't Stop Believing." It was at that point that it was clear he'd be in the finals. I would love to see him win, because while he tried to make it when he was younger, but never really got off his feet.

At this point, I really feel like Cassadee Pope will win though. There has to be more than just her voice going on for her to win, because all three of these people are worthy. Cassadee has this sound like Avril Lavigne that's just refreshing, because though she sings the same kind of music as lots of other artists these days, I think her voice distinguishes her. Besides just that, she's a cute and fun girl. Seeing her and her coach interact is really sweet, and there's just something about her that makes her special. I can't really describe it, but out of the finalists, she seems to be the most popular. It helps that she is close to the age of the voters, so they can relate to her.

Basically, I'd love to see Terry win, but I think Cassadee has more of the popularity and marketability needed tow in.

That is the official Ginge's Picks for the last time! Do you concur?

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