Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's About to Get Real

Here's the latest Smash Season 2 promo! I think this picture speaks for itself. Let's just say, it's just about to get real. I think I haven't harped on the new casting yet, so here goes: Jennifer Hudson is a good singer, however, I am disappointed that they chose her to join. What I love about Smash is the Broadway angle. I realize they're bringing her in to play the American Idol angle, but it doesn't make sense to cast people who are primarily singers into this drama. There are so many talented Broadway people out there, so why not cast them?

I loved the news about Jeremy Jordan (Bonnie & Clyde, Newsies, etc.) getting on the Smash train and Krysta Rodriguez (Addams Family, Spring Awakening, etc.) was a great addition as well (I saw her as Wednesday in Addams Family, and she was brilliant). Perfect. So why do they have to cast singers as the new stars? Granted, I'm probably still bitter that they're kicking Brian d'Arcy James off. (missed that analysis? Click here!) 

Anyway, the cool kids at the Smash Twitter page posted this picture with this caption earlier today:

"After seeing this brand new  art, all we can say is season 2 can’t come fast enough! "

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