Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Birthday, Bryan Fenkart!

Today seems to be a big day for stars' birthdays. We've got Kiefer Sutherland, Samuel L. Jackson, Jane Fonda, and one of my favorites, Bryan Fenkart. I've written about him a couple times, but never fully expounded on him, so here's his chance in the spotlight.

I saw Bryan Fenkart as Huey Calhoun in Memphis on Broadway in 2010. He was in for Chad Kimball that performance, but after I saw it, I can't imagine that Chad could have been better. For one thing, Bryan looked perfect for the part. This picture is basically in a nutshell.
In addition to his Broadway stint, he went on to star in the National Tour as well, and you best believe I was right there in the audience when he came to my city. I actually wasn't going to see it because I thought it was silly to spend a fortune see the same show twice within two years, but truthfully, knowing that Bryan was in it really tipped the scale and convinced me to see it again.

Meanwhile, he's also a solo singer. He released his debut album, "Imperfect Man" a couple years ago, and released "Simple and Grey," his latest full-length LP, earlier this year. He did the latter album while he was understudying for Chad Kimball in Memphis. What's great about his music is that not only can everyone relate to the very real lyrics, but it seems like he is completely revealing the real Bryan Fenkart through his songs.

Check him out for yourself!

And besides being talented in so many ways, he is also an incredibly nice guy. At the stage door, he took special time to talk to all of the fans and sign their memorabilia. So at this point, I hope it's clear why Bryan Fenkart is one of my favorite actors. Celebrate his birthday by watching this video and check out "Simple and Grey" on Spotify!

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