Thursday, December 6, 2012

Favorites From the Day: Carrie Underwood, The Midtown Men, and More!

Today was a great day to be a Broadway journalist. It's days like these that remind me why I love my job. Check out my favorite articles from today!

STAGE TUBE: Future 'Maria von Trapp' Carrie Underwood Sings 'The Sound of Music'

I found a gem today, which impressed my boss (always a good day when that happens!). Not sure if you realized it, but country icon Carrie Underwood is slated to portray the role of Maria von Trapp in NBC's upcoming holiday broadcast of The Sound of Music in 2013. So I found this video from 2008 of her singing the title song on CBS. I'll go ahead and admit that I'm totally skeptical of her being chosen for this role. Not that she's not awesome, but literally no one can replace Julie Andrews, or even touch her performance. That's called sacrilege. Nonetheless, she's been chosen, so you might as well check out this video of her singing Broadway. Has she got the pipes for it?

STAGE TUBE: MEMPHIS Tour's Morrison & Gurr Record 'Santa Baby' on the Road

While on the road, Memphis cast members Jill Morrison and Christopher Gurr recorded the classic favorite Christmas song, "Santa Baby," with Jill singing lead vocals and Christopher playing ukelele and adding backup vocals. This video includes footage from Memphis, Christmas pictures, and more set to this new song. Read the full article and be sure to check out Jill's bio! She is an incredibly talented girl, and I hope her career goes far.

STAGE TUBE: The Midtown Men Record Van Zandt's New Arrangement of 'All Alone on Christmas'

I got to write about my guys again today! Is it weird that I refer to them as "mine"? Oh well. At any rate, the Midtown Men, original cast members from Broadway's Jersey Boys, recently collaborated with writer and musician Stevie Van Zandt to record a new version of Van Zandt's "All Alone on Christmas." The song was originally recorded by Darlene Love with E Stree Band and The Miami Horns and was featured on the 1992 Home Alone 2 soundtrack. Now 20 years later, Van Zandt has re-arranged the song for The Midtown Men, which marks their first Christmas single. 

Go inside the recording studio and hear part of this new song through this making of video!

This just sounds fun. Very cool idea! Fans, friends and supporters of Thodos Dance Chicago, the contemporary dance company founded by Melissa Thodos, will kick up their heels at Thodos Dance Chicago's 21st Anniversary Gala 21 Club, Saturday, February 2, 2013 at 6pm at the Chicago Cultural Center, Randolph Street and Michigan Avenue, Chicago.

~Favorites From the Day are articles that I have edited or written on the day I post~

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