Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Before She Was on Broadway... WAY Before

It's a hobby of mine to look for familiar actors in movies. Even if I don't know their names, I love sitting with my family and being able to say, "Oh! That's that guy from that other movie!" (I'm more specific than that, but you get the idea) Here's a confession: I pride myself on being able to recognize any actor I've seen. And for the most part I can. Last night, I was on a roll. I was positive that this one actor who I really had never seen before, was another actor's brother. And he was. 

Then I was watching Jumanji, and I realized that the little girl in that is a young Kirsten Dunst. However, in my pride, I missed a Broadway actress. I know, I'm a total failure. In my defense, she was young. and pre-nose job. But when I saw her name in the credits, it suddenly made sense. 

So you may know her as the original Amber in Hairspray on Broadway and the original Elle in Legally Blonde the musical. I'm talking about Laura Bell Bundy. Bless her heart, she looked very different in Jumanji. That was a total shock, but now that I know, I feel like I can see it in her eyes. Visit her website to learn about her Broadway and country singing career (the latter of which actually came first) and of course see what she looks like now.

from the 1995 film Jumanji
So that's your Broadway spotting for the day! 

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