Tuesday, November 27, 2012

VOICE OVER: The Elite Eight Perform and Become Six

VOICE OVER: Coaches Pile the Praise on the Elite Eight
Last night on The Voice, the Top 8 performed, as did Adam Lavine and 50 Cent! These contestants were at the top of their game, knowing that any false move could land them a trip home. Click on the picture below to read the full article and see who Ginge's Picks were for this week!

November 26

VOICE OVER: Elite Eight Become Six with a Shocking Elimination
Tonight, America found out who they had voted into the Top 6, and which two performers would have to go home. As usual, there were some great additional performances, with special guests including the Muppets! Click on the link to read this recap and find out which of Ginge's Picks were saved!

November 27

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