Monday, November 19, 2012

Singular Sensation Spotlight: Brian Stokes Mitchell

I had an impromptu Brian Stokes Mitchell appreciation day on Thursday. I have to write about this incredible man who's been on my mind this week. He is one of the best singers in the world right now. But really. I first heard him on the original Broadway cast recording of Ragtime, the '98 show in which he played Coalhouse Walker, a character who ranges from a love-sick man, piano player life of the party, to a revolutionary trying to establish change and stand up for what he knows is right. I've loved his voice for not even a year, but I really hadn't listened to much of his except Ragtime music until a couple days ago.

I found a great BSM playlist on YouTube, which features him singing "Stars" (Les Miserables), "Some Enchanted Evening" (South Pacific), "Bui Doi" (Miss Saigon), and my favorite "Through Heaven's Eyes" (Prince of Egypt movie), among others. Every single one seems like the best one, though. I listened to "Through Heaven's Eyes" at least three times that first day I found it. It's just amazing. But listen for yourself! Try to listen to "Bui Doi" without crying.

Click on the picture below to watch the playlist, starting with "Through Heaven's Eyes."

Visit to look at his whole resume and read more about this fantastic Broadway legend!!

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