Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Updated- VOICE OVER: Week 4 Marks the End of the Blind Auditions

VOICE OVER: In Week 4, Teams Become the Sweet 16
As of the beginning of the show tonight (October 1), the teams on The Voice were each two mentees short of being complete. You know what that means? Of course it meant the pressure was on, and everyone had to absolutely bring it to take those last eight spots.

Click on the pictures to find out what happened tonight!

I was in a very Broadway mood tonight, so see if you can spot my not-so-subtle theatre references. I'd say there are 3 theatre-related nods in there.

The Voice, Monday October 1

The Voice, Tuesday October 2
NBC's The Voice was slightly unusual tonight, October 2, because it was almost a recap in and of itself. The purpose of the show tonight was to refresh the audience on who the contestants were, what they sang, and of course on whose team they are now. Having seen what feels like a zillion people get up there, sing, and either be rejected or take sides, it was really good to watch an overview of the people who will be part of the show this season.

So whose team are you on?


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