Thursday, October 11, 2012

Favorites From the Day: Sean Hayes, Bryan Fenkart, and More!

Photo Flash: Megan Hilty and Sean Hayes on the SMASH Set!
As previously announced, Sean Hayes will be on Smash season 2 for a few episodes. He has already finished filming, but throughout the process, he tweeted lots of pictures of himself as the actor Terrence Falls in Smash's other musical (besides the Marilyn Monroe show BOMBSHELL) called LIASONS. Sean Hayes's wig is quite something... You have to check all of them out!! Below is a preview...
Sean Hayes (@theseanhayes) Tweeted this:

And more fun on my final day of shooting for with the amazing .

STAGE TUBE: Bryan Fenkart Sings Original Song, "Simple & Grey"
Bryan Fenkart was the stellar understudy for Chad Kimball in MEMPHIS on Broadway back in 2010. He's actually the one I saw when I went to the show in October 2010. He's got a couple of really good albums, the latest of which is "Simple & Grey," which I'll spotlight on this blog later on. For now, give this tune a listen! This guy is brilliant!

STAGE TUBE: Douglas Sills & Sarah Gettelfinger Talk Ad-Libs, ADDAMS, THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL, and More!
The stars of The Addams Family tour, Douglas Sills (The Scarlet Pimpernel, Tony nomination) and Sarah Gettelfinger (Nine) who play Gomez and Morticia, respectively, sat down to talk with The Column in Dallas to talk about the show. In this video, they discuss the total revamping of the show from Broadway to the tour, Douglas's hilarious knack for keeping the other cast-members on their toes with his ad-libs, Sarah's costume, and much more. It's very entertaining. You must watch the whole interview! The funniest part is what a fan the interviewer is! It's really sweet but a tiny bit awkward.

Oh and here's a confession: I was a creepy fan like this interviewer. You must understand: THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL is my favorite musical of all time! So when I saw THE ADDAMS FAMILY on tour, I got his autograph, and a picture. When we were getting a picture together and he had his arm around me, I think he said something like, "Wow, your heart feels like it's about to pound out of your chest." Truth.

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