Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Because Everyone Needs Some Awesome...

It seems like Wednesdays are tricky. They're neither as bad as Monday nor as great as Fridays. They're somewhere between the two. But most often, they're a wildcard. Depending on the week, they could be great because you know it's only a couple days until the weekend; on the other hand, they can be bad if you still have lots to do and two whole days left before weekend bliss.

So whether you're in the excited or the overwhelmed category, everyone can use a dose of awesome today. And here it is. It's one of my favorite Tony Awards performances ever! This was from the 2011 Tonys when Catch Me if You Can was nominated for Best Musical, and the genius that is Norbert Leo Butz won his second Best Actor Tony for this performance.

And this is my chance to heap the praises onto Norbert: Let's just say, he's so brilliant in this number that after I finished watching it, all I could do was watch it again. And the second time around, I said, "Wait, there were background dancers?" You can see why he won the Fred Astaire dance award for this. There are just those little things he does throughout that absolutely make this number. He's incredible.

Feeling awesome now?

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