Thursday, September 20, 2012

Historical Angst Skit, MEMPHIS, and More Today on!

I wrote about a few pretty cool shows this afternoon. My favorite three were these:

Ok, I only just recently discovered this show, but it's pretty awesome. In a very weird way. The first time I heard one of the songs, I just thought, "Andrew Jackson... the ROCK musical...?" But it appeals to my crazy rebellious side. The juxtaposition of early nineteenth century and hard rock is too much for some people, but if you like American Idiot, you would definitely like this one. Fun fact: I affectionately call this one, "The Historical Angst Skit." So if you live in St. Louis, go see this show!

This is just great! Both of these guys are ridiculously talented. At the Broadway Impact Concert at Joe's,  James Monroe Iglehart sang a classic Brook Brenton song, and Bryan Fenkart beautifully accompanied himself on the piano, singing his original song "Empty-Handed" from his first solo album. I've seen Bryan on Broadway as Huey in MEMPHIS (he was in for Chad Kimball) and after that, I went to see him in the national tour too. He's just brilliant! And his song is beautiful. Also I saw JMI on Bway in MEMPHIS. He is ridiculously talented. Of course.

Again, here is the weekly Broadway radio show that I have been listening to for a decade or so. "Comic Relief" is one of my favorite themes ever! George Harter added some new ones to this version, but basically it has some of the best comic relief songs in Broadway from The Lion King to Les Miserables. You can also access last week's show, about which I wrote last week.

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